Musician Nandy and his boyfriend Billnass are expected to have a baby soon following photos they posted recently via social media, several times artist Nandy has denied being pregnant but now it is clear the couple are going to welcome their first child.

Yesterday Nandy posted pictures showing her open stomach with her boyfriend Billnass popularly known as Nenga sitting on a chair with a lion cub sitting together, with the title “ASANTE MUNGU KWA HII ZAWADI”.

Fans reacted to the post with some praising the couple while others blamed Nandy for keeping her stomach open as it was against African values.

On the other side, Billnass or Mr Nenga has also posted a similar picture showing him with her girlfriend holding her open stomach while standing but no title but emojis of gratitude this is a sign that he is enjoying the arrival of their baby.


Nandy and Billnass have been the most popular couple in Tanzania Since their naked video leaked showing Nenga touching her buttock and other genital parts in the bedroom during Nandy’s birthday a few years back, the couple has lasted for a long time despite going through many conflicts.