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Privacy Policy

We deeply promise to respect your privacy by protecting your personal information as you do. We promise to keep your information secure as a way of respecting the public’s freedom of access to information.

Ngindomedia doesn’t collect names, phone numbers, or other sensitive information from our users also we have no access to do so but we use analytics tools that collect our user behavior only.

Our goal is to make the world a better place by providing access to entertainment for everyone.
Ngindomedia allows its user to, download, comment, like, and share information with other people for personal use only.

Visitor comments are automatically checked by our spam detection tools and can only be approved if they are safe and we like to hear something from you. Ngindomedia reserves the right to respond to your email, comment, etc, or not.

Feel free to contact us about any violation of your work, rights, or if you believe your work has been placed here incorrectly. We are here for you, let’s make it together and make music nonstop. Our slogan is Music for the soul.